About Me: Highlights

A curious and adventure-fueled route brought me to where I am today.

I’m a marketing & UX lover; crafter; budding writer; and formerly a concert promoter & sports photographer. I’m extremely adaptive and intuitive; my mind never stops moving.

I usually spend my 9-5 as a demand gen marketer / ABM-focused campaigner. In my free time, I soak up any and tinker with anything & everything related to my bookworm and design habits.


I try to always embrace my creative passions.

But hopefully not ruining a security deposit for my apartment like I did in 2012…

As my then-friend / now-husband says,

“If you happen to be in a coffee house with Katie and notice a dazzling array of color fragments sprinkled on her fingertips in spots other than her fingernails, that’s not nail polish. She’s been painting, again. It’s just one of the many examples of how her life is bursting with creativity. Just give Katie her music, coffee & peanut M&Ms, answer her thoughtful questions, sit back, & let her create.”

“Katie 101” - Nat Finn


I have an incredible husband. He’s the Starry Night to my Van Gogh.


I used to be a Bickley. Now I’m a “Finn” (Findling). I’m incredibly proud of my new last name, and the family and love it symbolizes.


I’m also known to teach my (adorable) puppies any and every new trick I can think of.

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between the rocky mountains & pacific ocean