I’ve been living in the Extended Stay America in Dublin, CA for 2.5 weeks while my apartment is undergoing mold remediation (a story for another day…).

It deserves its 1.5 Yelp stars. Our welcome message was a bunch of fire trucks from someone who apparently can’t cook on the wannabe kitchenette that comes in each room. Are we done yet?

Great welcome.

I had a root canal the morning after we moved in (at 7 am), and the first room we were in had a leaking fridge, and unidentified (crystallized) pet doo-doo under the armchair, and also randomly stuck to the carpet and walls.

Not the best start to a week. The walls are so paper-thin that when Nate went to get coffee, he could hear their barks down the hall, around a corner, and down a flight of stairs. Hopefully that was one of the days there actually was coffee, which is probably one of the only things going for it. (Bitter, much?)

Senses of humor (mostly on his end) helped.

New AC

Lily doesn't want the sun

At least I got the essentials

What was supposed to be a few days turned into a few weeks, and we tried to make the most of it…

Starbucks Dublin CA

We squatted at Starbucks to take advantage of the Google internet they offer. (Photo Credit: Nate)

Terrible internet speeds

Considering this was our internet, it seemed like the only viable option.

And let’s just say that the first Saturday was a bickering Saturday when it came to how we should watch Doctor Who, so the Starbucks was a welcome adventure in so many ways. (Side note – the Quizno’s Pesto Flatbread = sensational. Nate needed a break from the everyday-Subway lunches he’s had to get while we’ve been here. On the bright side, we learned that they allow dogs in Subway…?)

Thoughtful gesture on a subway run

Supposedly we move back in tomorrow. Hopefully, that’s true and that all systems (health systems included) are a go. Especially since Nate seems to have come down with the flu =/

Nate got the flu

(Note to self: maybe sanitizing the entire room at an extended stay hotel with such a low rating may have been a good idea…)