• Role: Photojournalist Student
  • Sport: Baseball

I went to Mizzou with the intention/dream of someday being a photographer on the sideline of a Bears football game, or a Bulls basketball game. In pursuit of that dream, I actually earned early enrollment into the Photojournalism major at Mizzou, which only a handful of freshman are able to get. Sports photography is, and always will be, one of my favorite things to do and look at in life.

This photo was taken at a game between Minnesota and Mizzou. I learned a lot at this game, mostly because of my friend Dann. I will always consider him to be the best influence and teacher when it comes to anything having to do with photography. In this game specifically, he pulled me away from the pitcher’s mound, and taught me that if you are going to focus on the pitcher, you want to get a shot of the ball just as it’s leaving his hand. But more importantly, that anyone can get a photo of a pitcher and have it look pretty cool – the trouble comes with other kinds of pictures.

On-base coaching for the Minnesota college baseball team