Louder than Words quote

Todd Henry, Louder than Words

We oversimplify our cultural myths about how brilliant work emerges to the point that the myths themselves become a paralyzing force. As author John Acuff puts it, “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”


As I mentioned in this blog post about the books I’m reading this year, Todd Henry got me thinking. This quote is another desktop background at work — and it’s actually acted as a conversation starter, too. (You can download the desktop background if you’d like at the end of this post.)


I’m huge on typography. And it drives me nuts when the alignment is off, or at a minimum, off unintentionally. (Panera and AAA Insurance, I’m looking at you!)

The quote itself is powerful – didn’t need colorful background. It’s a black and white design, for a black and white statement.

Macbook pro desktop background

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