Turn your worry into action

Mentor, Boss, Friend

Kathy Murray is a legend at the University of Missouri, and someone near and dear to my heart. She was my mentor, boss, and friend during my time working for the Department of Student Life while I was there, and more often than not, was the necessary reality check to keep me grounded (and as sane as possible?). One afternoon, she looked at me, and told me to turn my worry into action – that’s all I could do. It’s been a mantra ever since.


I would never have created the successful events I produced while there, though my occasional (understatement) perfectionist tendencies, and obsessions over not only the tiny details (the many, many tiny details), but on the entire event as a whole (every single variable that could go wrong, could go right, etc.) without her patience and true servant leadership.


I love watercolor, and typography. Combined, I think they’re pretty spiffy — this was a fun experiment, especially because of what it means to me, and the context.

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