World Changing

Katie Findling

Digital Marketer

I work every day to live with intention, turn my ambition into success, and hone my creative firepower.

For me, it’s all about making an impact.

I want to impact the lives of those around me in a meaningful, uplifting way. I’m passionate and perfectionist about art, branding, event planning, marketing, psychology, and music.

This website reflects the life of an artist who dabbles in digital marketing. Some could say I’m on a quest to find my calling; I think of it as looking for how to make my soul sing, while making a lasting impact on the lives of others.

My goal? To use and expand my experience, knowledge and marketing skills to ignite the passion of others, and change the world. (All in a day’s work.)

My family, heart, and soul are in the Pacific Northwest. Waterfall hikes are my friend, and good people doing good things makes my heart sing.

My name is Katie Findling, and this is a peek into my journey.

It’s time to survive and excel in a world where not only are we expected to be an expert at a few things, but good at everything else too.

Hold the vision.