Self Portrait


I promise I’m almost never this sad looking! Here’s the link to the displacement map tutorial that I used when I was first learning how to do them in Photoshop.


Photo manipulation is something that intrigues me, and has for at least six or seven years. This is one of my early attempts at it. I always feel like a creep when I have someone else’s face up on my computer and they could walk behind me at any given moment, so I chose to do a self portrait for this one.


I initially wanted to do an angry, outrage kind of image but couldn’t get anyone to have enough patience for me to take their picture and then tinker with their features left and right. This photo was probably the fifth or the sixth that I tried after I mapped out the kinds of textures I was most curious about tinkering with, and tried to align the kinds of emotions that would convey best with the texture.

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